Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Murder State of Mindy Trilogy by Jude Pittman
A three book mystery trilogy featuring Texas private investigator Kelly McWinter. 

Deadly Secrets: A retired cop who suffered a personal tragedy is coming to grips with his grief and considering returning to law enforcement. That decision escalates when he finds a friend murdered. Coincidences, the emergence of a secret life, a treasure, an heiress searching for her birth mother and the ulterior motives of some regular citizens all have Kelly McWinter scrambling to uncover the truth before his best friend ends up behind bars. 

Deadly Betrayal: With his new PI license, and an arrangement to help out Augustus Graham at the Fort Worth PD, whenever needed, Kelly McWinter is back in the saddle again. Just in time to catch a call from good friend Stella Davis. Stella's niece Marcy is an up and coming young singer from Nashville and she's pregnant. The married lover is a playboy named Alex Wyatt and Stella's afraid Marcy is about to get hung out to dry. Kelly agrees to look into the case and heads for Houston to meet up with Stella. 

Deadly Consequences: Two Texans, Cam Belscher and feisty redhead Stella Davis have picked a remote lodge in Oregon to tie the knot. Flash forward to the middle of the night. The sound of lodge owner Bubba Tate banging away on the cabin door is enough to put a damper on any honeymoon, and when the reason for Bubba's late night intrusion turns out to be murder at Gillian’s riding stable in Fort Worth, the wedding trip is over. Don't miss this third and final volume of the Kelly McWinter PI mysteries. 

"If you like happy endings, then this is a good set of books to read. Each is good as a "stand alone", but as a set they are even better. Set in Texas, the books follow several well developed characters in a well thought out story line. I enjoyed following Kelly and his dog Jake through the healing process of losing his wife and the adventures he seemed to always find himself involved in. The characters seemed real to me and the setting was one that I wouldn't mind living in. All in all this was a fun light read and caused me to chuckle several times along the way. I enjoyed the mystery element and trying to figure out "who done it". Hopefully Jude Pittman will continue writing with these characters. It would be fun to see what would happen next." ~ 4 Stars, Oregon Dreamer, Amazon Verified Purchase 

"Very well written, funny, sexy and mysterial, what more can you ask for! I like the every- day settings as well, something you can find in real life. All in all, very normal stories by a good story teller." ~ 5 Stars, Gitte, Amazon Reader


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jingle Your Bells with Christmas Storm by Nancy M. Bell
All Michelle wants for Christmas is peace of mind. The only thing bigger than the storm in her heart is the blizzard raging across the Alberta prairie outside her window. Finding an injured stray dog is the last thing she needs. Add to the mix the handsome new vet who is taking over her beloved Doc’s practice and peace of mind is not in the picture. Cale Benjamin is too nice to be for real. Michelle is still smarting from being jilted by her high school sweetheart fiancĂ© and not in the mood to trust any man, let alone one as drop dead gorgeous as Dr. Cale Benjamin DVM. The injured stray, Storm, keeps putting Michelle in Cale’s path whether she likes it or no. She is distressed to find that the handsome young vet is sliding past her carefully erected defenses and into her heart. A few well placed nudges from Doc’s match maker wife, Mary, help the young doctor’s cause, but will it be enough to make the lady rancher allow him into her life?

I can totally feel that chilled, biting air and smell the smell of the hay. It's like I'm there. I'm amazed at how you can make small details absolutely fascinating and very much alive. And the colt has totally won my heart, and the dog too. And of course, there's the hot dude Vet Man Cale. Hubba hubba! Thanks for a great story. ~ Suzanne de Montigny

Christmas Storm won fourth place in the 2013 Oklahoma Romance Writers of America International Digital Awards in the Contemporary Novel category

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More Holiday Hits ~ Merry Christmas, Marcie by Sydell Voeller
Marcie's attraction to Ivan sparked the very moment they met. But they lived in totally different worlds. She was a local high school student leading an everyday life and working after school for the local veterinarian. He was a dashing trapeze artist traveling with his circus family, and he would soon be back on tour.
Was it only a fleeting romance? A romance that would vanish the moment Ivan left town? Had he fallen for her, or would he always remain an elusive dream?

Monday, December 15, 2014

'Tis the Season for Christmas Reading ~ Merriest Christmas Ever by Betty Jo Schuler
It’s the first day of December, snow is in the air and Gracie Singleton Saylor is shopping for a Christmas tree, when she runs smack into Merett Bradmoore, her High School hero and his seven-year-old daughter. Seeing he’s not the happy-go-lucky guy he used to be, she’s determined to restore the gift of optimism he gave her fifteen years ago. But can she return his hope without losing her own?

Enter the zoning board, an old enemy and the personal problems of Gracie’s two sister, Hope and Faith. Mix in a mischievous cat named Spook, a huge furry mutt named Dumbell, and a spirit named Mirabelle who’s looking for her lost love, and you wonder – can holiday magic triumph? 

**Only Ten days 'til Christmas!**


Friday, December 12, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Now Available: Shell Shocked by Victoria Chatham
The Buxton Chronicles, Book 3

It is the closing months of World War 1 and Lady Serena Buxton is on her own. Her home, Buxton Hall, is now a hospital. With her husband Randolph fighting at the front, the quartermaster, doctor and matron become her allies. Her household staff rally round her, all except the housekeeper who seems more and more detached. What is her problem?
The human problems on the home front escalate and then Randolph is reported missing in action. Fighting her own emotions while she solves one issue after another, Serena is barely holding her own. And then Randolph comes home.

She married for love. But the man who returns to her is not the man she married. How will she survive this devastating event? And will her love be strong enough to hold everything she holds dear together?