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Excerpt from Winter Fire by Kathy Fischer-Brown

When Ethan Caine pulled the unconscious woman from the half-frozen creek, he had no idea that his world was about to explode. Dressed in clothes of Iroquois design and on the run for a murder she might have committed, she stirred up dark secrets from his Indian fighting past. Yet she was everything he desired. He needed to know the truth. 

He needed to find a way to trust her.

Banished by the Seneca who had adopted and raised her, ostracized by the whites in the settlement, Zara Grey wanted only to be accepted. "Ethancaine" treated her with kindness and concern. It was easy to trust him. But her Indian ways disturbed him, and in her heart she would always be Seneca.

"Reminiscent of 'Last of the Mohicans' with its raw, haunting mood, Winter Fire, by Kathy Fischer-Brown, is a compelling story of love and hate, acceptance, and forgiveness. Oft times painful, it is a rich, exciting read through a dark time told exquisitely by an exceptional writer."  --Bonnie Napoli, author of Shadows of the Eclipse

5 Stars "[The] characters leap off the page into your heart. I highly recommend it for avid lovers of an excellent read in historical romance. This novel is a keeper."  --Shelia Jordan, Women On Writing

4 Stars "Kathy Fischer-Brown recreates the terror of the Indian wars and vividly evokes the wonder of newfound love." -- Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times

4 Roses "It is definitely a worthy candidate for a MUST BUY list."  --Rose, Romance News

"Winter Fire is a beautifully written, well-researched novel of passion and honor...If you're looking for an adventure, a history lesson, and a touching romance, you'll find it wrapped up in Winter Fire. I highly recommend this wonderful tale."  --Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today

"As the story unfolds one can't stop reading. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a touching read with great characters and a wonderful setting."  --Wendy Keel, eBook Reviews Weekly

"Very seldom does an author write characters that a reader can fall in love with, cry with, laugh with, and rejoice with when something wonderful happens for them. Ms. Fischer-Brown has accomplished this! Bravo! Winter Fire is a true winner. Read it, you’ll love it!" --Margaret Marr, Romance at its Best 


October, 1779 -- Six Nations Territory

    She ran. Breathless, heart straining. Despite the stabbing pain in her side and the fire in her lungs, she forced herself on through the crackling underbrush. The cold wind whipped hair in her eyes. Briars tore her face and hands.
    Yet with each labored stride, the soldiers' shouting voices drew closer. She dared not look back for fear of losing ground, dared not avert her eyes from the forest path. But where was she to run? As if the question were an obstacle in her path she stumbled to a halt.
    There was no one to help her. The People had gone, taking with them all help, all hope. She was alone. The outcast. Nameless.
    Gasping, she slumped to her knees into the dew-drenched leaves.
    The witch Jiiwi is no more!
    The truth of it choked her. She set her teeth against the cry of anguish rising in her throat. She could have chosen death! Death at the hands of The People would have been swift. Nichus, her-husband-no-longer-her-husband, had assured her.
    But her fear of death had been stronger than her fear of the unknown. She had chosen life. And with it, banishment.
    She tore wind-blown hair laced with leaves and twigs from her face and glanced back over her shoulder. The soldiers were nearly upon her.
    Five of them. They slowed their pace. Perhaps they knew she could run no more. They approached as if puzzled, talking among themselves. "Savages musta left her behind when they sneaked off," one of the men said. "Why d'you suppose...?"
    "Hotakwih!" she said to herself, unable to hold back the tears. It is finished. Raising her eyes to the sky above the autumn colored hills, she whispered, "Hohsah." It has begun. She bowed her head. "Haywokahweh!" I have gone in a circle.
    When the blue-coated soldiers caught up with her, she no longer had the strength nor the will to resist.
    Two of them edged closer to her in the shadows. "Here, we're not going to harm you," one said, his voice a raspy whisper. "Do you understand?"
    She could not bring herself to look at them. Soon they would do more than talk. She knew. Soon they would see what she was. They would take her away. Take her back. Back to where the circle had begun.
    She shuddered.
    "Not so close," the other man ordered. "Give her room. You're scarin' her."
    A twinge of unease rippled through her stomach. These were the same blue coats that had left a trail of ashes where thriving villages once had stood, who girdled the fruit trees so they would wither and die, who laid waste the fields of corn and squash and beans. She had seen them before, in her dreams. Her dreams had shown them the way.
    "Good God!" another of them cried out. "She's white! The woman's white!"
    The first man knelt before her. "Do you speak English? Can you tell us your name?"
    She would not trouble herself to reply.
    "Here!" A man fumbled in his pack, producing a slice of jerky. He extended it just beyond her reach, an attempt to lure her closer, like a starving dog. But she would not oblige him. "I'll wager you're hungry."
    She lifted her head slightly and eyed the meat with longing. Three days of subsisting on nothing but roots and groundnuts had left her light-headed and weak. But she would accept none of their food. She looked down at the leaves.
    "Suit yourself," the man grumbled, and tore off a piece with his teeth.
    In the distance, the shouts of men rose above the morning stillness. An acrid odor wafted on the wind through the trees. Across the meadow, lush with green grasses, beyond the expanse of ripening fields and orchards, the soldiers had set fire to the village.
    From a place deep inside her, as if awakened by the sounds and smells, an old terror forced itself past the dust of forgotten memory.
    Zara! Run!
    Voices from the past rang out across time. Silenced for so long, they gained new strength and force on the billows of smoke darkening the sky.
    Mama! Her own voice. The voice of the child she had been.
    For as long as she could remember, her dreams had been filled with fire and smoke. And a savage host tore her from one world and thrust her into another. So it had been in the past. So it would be again.
    "Haywokahweh!" she said, and she closed her eyes.
    The circle was complete. 

Copyright (C) 2013 Kathy Fischer-Brown

Available at Amazon in eBook and at all online books sellers in print ~ ask for it in a bookstore near you!


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First Review is 5 Stars ~ Recipe For Love by Jane Beckenham

"From the cover to the dialogue, this is one fun and flirty novella. If you're into romances, humour, and feeling good, this book is for you. On page one, literally, you have the heroine jumping out of a birthday cake (also literally), almost straight into a handsome stranger's arms.

Not hooked yet? The hero is an ex pro league baseball player with a damaged past. This doesn't prevent him from licking cake icing off fingers by page 31... but is it his own or the heroine's? Read to find out.

Recipe For Love is like a slice of chocolate cake: you devour it in one sitting, then look around to see if there's more. And it certainly sits better on the hips than chocolate cake! Here hoping Ms Beckenham writes a sequel... or another book just like this one." ~ 5 Stars, Yvonne Eve Walus 

Recipe For Love by Jane Beckenham
Popping out of party cakes isn’t Candy Jones’ passion, baking exotic cakes is.  But when she mistakenly pops out of the cake at the wrong party Tanner Coleridge isn’t a happy guy.  With a reality T.V. contract to fulfill, and the producers wanting to use publicity-shy Tanner Coleridge as her ‘love’ interest it isn’t going to be easy. 
Ex pro league baseball player Tanner Coleridge abhors publicity, he had enough when his wife left him for his best friend, but somehow without him realizing it he’s been dragged into reality TV by Candy Jones.  One part of him wants to run for the hills...the other, well that wants a whole lot more of Ms Candy Cake Maker.

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Now Available: Saving Katy Gray by Sheila Claydon

When Paths Meet, Book 3

Katy was used to losing things. First she’d lost her childhood home, then her career and reputation, and finally, and most dreadfully, her identity, so she knew she should be used to it. She wasn’t though and she couldn’t bear the thought of having to leave her job and start over, not now she was beginning to make a new life for herself. On the other hand she wasn’t prepared to play second fiddle to her boss’s girlfriend. Thank goodness she’d found out what he was really like before it was too late…or had she?

"Sheila Claydon shows her readers that `happily ever after' isn't about the lack of trials or the perception of perfection, but instead is the byproduct of people who work hard to triumph over difficulty and subsequently learn from their mistakes. Her secondary characters are also terrific and enrich a worthwhile read. Highly recommend." ~ Readwrite

"Enjoyed this book. I will watch for more of Claydon's books. I have already recommended it to my other reader friends. Cute story." ~ Patsy Davis

"Another heart warming romance from Sheila Claydon. Sheila is excellent at conjuring up very realistic characters that as a reader you want to get to know." ~ Liz


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Now Available: A Step Beyond by Nancy M. Bell

 A Step Beyond
The Cornwall Adventures, Book 2


Legend says that land once stretched from Lands End in Cornwall as far as the Isles of Scillies, thirty miles out in the Atlantic. To this mythical land Gort Treliving escapes when his Uncle Daniel beats him senseless. He steps away from his corporeal body and walks into the mist of oblivion, seeking only to escape the pain. To Gort’s surprise, he finds he is Sir Gawain, one of King Arthur’s knights. He is also the partner of a wonderful grey war stallion who can telepathically speak to him. 

While he is caught up in a wild chase across the countryside to rescue King Arthur’s kidnapped queen and her lady, Gort as Gawain, tries to puzzle out the strange visions of another life that assail him at the most inopportune times.  

There is intrigue, mystery, sword play and a dash of romance. A Step Beyond is a rollicking romp of an adventure that borrows inspiration from the Arthurian legends with a decidedly quirky cast of supporting characters.  

Previously published as A Step Sideways 
A Step Sideways was a finalist in the 2012 Oklahoma Romance Writers of America International Digital Awards in the YA category 

“A worthy sequel to Laurel's Quest.” ~ Tira Brandon Evans 

“An outstanding read. Once you start, you can't stop. Looking forward to the next in the series.” ~ Lynne Anderson


Friday, August 22, 2014

Now Available in Print and eBook: Laurel's Quest by Nancy M. Bell

A trip to England sounds like a grand adventure, but Laurel Rowan can’t escape from her true reality. Her mother is terminally ill, and her father needs her to go so he can spend his time at the hospital. On a train to Penzance, Laurel meets a new friend, Coll. On the property of her host, she stumbles upon a magical spring. There she meets the White Lady, who offers her a chance at gaining her heart’s true desire, if only she can solve a riddle. 

Pursuing her quest amidst the magic of the Cornish countryside, she is aided by Coll and her new friends Gort and Aisling. They are also helped by creatures of legend and myth, Vear Du, the Selkie, Gwin Scawen, the Cornish Piskie, Belerion the fire salamander, Morgawr the flying sea serpent who does Vear Du a favour, and Cormoran, the last giant of Cornwall. The friends must battle the odds in the form of bullies and confusing clues. Will they emerge victorious? Will Laurel have the courage to solve the riddle and fulfill her quest? 

Previously published as Laurel’s Miracle

"Laurel’s Quest
is full of beautiful images: of the strange fairy folk, the Lady of the Lake, crystal horses and the labyrinth inside the Tor of Avalon. The touching sentiment of faith, hope, kindness and secrets revealed, reinforces the truth: there is magic in friendship." –Wendy Laharnar 

"Once again Ms. Bell has rendered the imagery of her setting beautifully, and furthermore, I was literally spellbound by the smashing climax and finish! Bravo!" – Sara Durham

"A page turner! I really enjoyed reading this book, I was almost sad when I got to the last page. Colorful characters and great scenery, make this fantastic story unforgettable! I want to go to Cornwall to see these places for myself and look for piskies too!!" - Elanta


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Ask for Guarding Kelsey by Kat Attalla at a bookstore near you!

When an independent, blue-blooded heiress is placed in protective custody with a controlling, blue collar cop, the sparks fly.

Detective Wolf Krieger blames himself for his partner’s death. If he had followed procedure and called for back up instead of following his over-eager partner into a dangerous situation, Mark might still be alive. Since then, Wolf has trusted nobody: Not his new partner and certainly not himself.

Remaining a loner allows him to keep his edge while working as a homicide detective. He doesn’t want to be responsible to another person. His captain, however thinks he is a loose cannon. In an effort to reign Wolf in, he is assigned the job of protecting a society woman who has recieved death threats after witnessing a gangland murder. He should be on the streets investigating, not stuck in some penthouse, babysitting a witness. Especially one with brains, beauty and a body that could tempt a saint onto the road to sin. He is no saint, but he is immune. Or, so he thinks.

Kelsey Winston is not your average heiress. In fact, she would trade all her wealth for one more day with her father, the only decent man on earth, who died in an apparent accident three months earlier. A short and very bitter marriage to a violent man shattered her opinion of the male species. Her master’s thesis work in the study of domestic violence hasn’t helped to improve that conclusion. And the dark, brooding detective who is assigned to protect her when threats are made against her life, is not likely to change her point of view.

Wolf is determined to keep a cool distance from the elegant beauty despite an undeniable attraction. Her defiant attitude with him fosters his belief that she is a spoiled princess, unconcerned about the danger her willful actions can cause to herself and others. His assignment is to keep her safe, and he will do his job his way, whether she likes it or not.

Available online in ebook or paperback,  ask for it at a bookstore near you!

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Now available in print and eBook: Code Blue by Janet Lane Walters

When Susan finds the body of the hospital’s “gossip queen” in the orthopedic storage room, she doesn’t realize this is the first of a series of murders involving her colleagues or that her life is in danger. She is a widow and is exploring a new romantic relationship that promises love but she fears the man she is falling for is as controlling as her dead husband. The arrival of courtship gifts, at first, seen as innocuous soon takes on a sinister note.

"This book kept me on edge from the first page to the last. Several times I just 'knew' I'd figured out who the killer was, but each time, there was a bit of doubt there until the very last paragraph! I highly recommend this book. 4 Stars (Excellent!)" ~ Tracie's Book Reviews by Kathy's Faves and Raves

"A series of murders, suspense, action, a tad of love makes OBSESSIONS an intriguing tale designed to mystify your mind. If you love mysteries, you'll love Janet Lane Walters newest release. 4 Stars!" ~ Just Views

"Fast-paced mainstream novel. . .Walters plots carefully, each scene constructed to perfection. For readers who enjoy being terrified, this is an author to turn to for entertainment. She tells all, while managing to create paranoia among the characters." ~ Affaire de Coeur 

Available at Amazon here. Ask for it in your favorite bookstore!