Monday, September 1, 2014

99 Cent Sept Sale ~ Princess of Bretagne by Vijaya Schartz

Princess of Bretagne
Book One

806 AD - Alba (Ancient Scotland)

As the Vikings raid the coast of Alba, Pressine of Bretagne sets out to seduce King Elinas of Dumfries, chosen by the Goddess to unite the tribes against the foreign invader. Elinas, still mourning his departed queen, has no intention to remarry. Head‑strong and independent, Pressine does not expect to fall for the very attractive, wise and noble ruler... Furthermore, her Pagan nature clashes with the religious fanaticism of the king’s Christian heir, who suspects her unholy ancestry and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

The Curse of the Lost Isle Series

From history shrouded in myths, emerges a family of immortal Celtic Ladies, who roam the medieval world in search of salvation from a curse... but if the Church ever suspects what they really are, they will be hunted, tortured, and burned at the stake.

"This author is new to me, so I wasn’t certain what to expect. Her attention to the harsh conditions of this violent time period is spot on, and starting with a brutal Viking raid caught my attention immediately. She brings the world of Pressine to life with vivid details of daily life, clothing, customs, manners, Celtic history and the conflict between the early Christian church and the old pagan beliefs of the goddess.

This story is filled with action and danger and there are many interesting secondary characters that help drive the plot forward.  I particularly like Gwenvael, Pressine’s brother, who has extensive scenes in his own viewpoint scattered throughout.  Look for the just released, PAGAN QUEEN, to continue the saga of these two lovers" ~ 4 Blue Ribbons, Gayle, Romance Junkies Reviews 

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

99 Cent Sale at Amazon ~ Cold Gold by Victoria Chatham

Cold Gold
The Buxton Chronicles, Book 1

Lady Serena Buxton follows her husband from England to Cold Creek, a gold mining town in northern Californian. But, when she arrives, Randolph is missing.

The sheriff seems to be keeping a watchful eye on her. She cannot trust Douglas King, the mine manager, who treats her as if she is already a widow. The bank manager refuses her request for access to Randolph’s account. With no husband and no money, what is a girl to do?

Serena has an unsuspected and quite shocking talent. Two enterprising local ladies help Serena prepare for a public performance, but the only suitable venue in town belongs to Douglas King, a man she mistrusts but with whom she strikes a deal.

The whole town turns out to see the show. The venue is packed. But who is in the crowd, watching? Will King insist on exacting his fees? And will Serena be reunited with the husband she loves?

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Now Available: December Heat by Joanie MacNeil

Following the death of her husband, Nicolette Oliver concentrates on re-establishing her career as a dancer, though still dealing with emotional issues relating to her life with Mark. When his friend appears on her doorstep, Nicolette honors her late husband’s invitation and invites Jake to stay.  

Jake Harrigan has always been attracted to Nic and sees her as untouchable, even though she is now on her own. They are opposites, their lives and expectations literally worlds apart. Drawn into a romantic interlude, the parting is difficult when Jake returns to Europe to resume his career as TV news journalist and Nic moves to Sydney to begin rehearsals for the show that will resurrect her career. 

Jake returns to Australia to see Nic again and also to finalize details with his network to sail around the world making documentaries. Will Jake follow his heart and ask Nic to give up all that she’s worked for and sail away with him?

"This author knows how to write passion between two characters. I loved Nicolette’s attitude ...Jake is a hard man to figure out...he tricked this reviewer each chapter making me wonder what his feelings really are for Nic. Joanie MacNeil did a great job in the scenes, my favorite was the belly scene that will blow your mind." ~ Lena C., Fallen Angels Reviews


Friday, August 29, 2014

Promises Remembered by Kat Attalla
He is haunted by a mistake he can’t forget.

In Ryan McKenna’s rookie year on the police force, he made an error in judgment that nearly cost a teenaged girl her life. He quit the force, spent half a decade living life from the bottom of a bottle and trying to forget the past. Eventually he sobered up, became a private investigator and worked to build a successful security business. But through the years he never forgot the girl with the China Blue eyes.

She is haunted by a past she can’t remember.

When she was fifteen, Kayla woke from a coma with no recollection of the brutal attack that had landed her in the hospital. After three years in a state orphanage, she went to a community college in Upstate New York and never returned to the City. She supports herself as an artist but her troubling images reflect the awful memories locked in her mind.

Together, they must work to unlock the past.

When the man who attacked Kayla is released from prison, Ryan tracks her down to warn her. But Kayla still suffers from amnesia. To keep her safe, he insinuates himself into her life. But he didn’t count on the passionate attraction between them.

Previously published as China Blue

"Finally, an amnesia story told where the victim has chosen to move on with their life and to embrace the world she knows. A great read. In his early years on the force, Ryan makes a mistake that he has now lived with for ten years. Now that the prisoner has been paroled, Ryan feels he needs to watch over the victim. Only she has amnesia, doesn't remember him, doesn't remember the evening her life changed, and doesn't remember anything of that life. A fast a easy read. So good to read a Kat Attalla book again." ~ 5 Stars, K, Amazon

"I love all of Kat Attalla's books, but Promises Remembered is exceptional. Heartfelt and deeply emotional -- I could not put it down" ~ 5 Stars, Elf, Amazon Verified Purchase

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Now Available: No Boundaries by Joanie MacNeil
Attractive Paige Delaney is more woman than Jack Shannon wants in his life, though he's in serious need of her award winning skills in web design.  Paige believes her sexy new boss thinks he's God's gift to woman.  Both are single parents with shattered dreams and damaged hearts, having suffered betrayals of trust in previous relationships. Each desires to love and be loved, but they are afraid to trust the opposite sex again. 

When Jack moves into his new house and discovers Paige is his next door neighbour, their protective barriers and personal goals are threatened.  Is it fate or their teenage children conspiring to push them together?
"This book is a refreshing delight to read. Joanie MacNeil offers readers a well thought out plot, filled with remarkable characters, which have moment after moment of tension between them to keep readers glued to each passing page. This story not only presents the fun adventures of day to day life, but a touching display of romance between two people. The author has a wonderful talent for balancing both main characters within their own lives and experiences along with involving them together in situations that are funny and heartfelt. Jack and Paige are two individuals readers will come to love. The emotional connection that draws Jack and Paige closer together throughout this story is tantalizing. As the story unfolds, readers will be hooked to keep reading to see if Jack and Paige risk it all. 
This is a book that I could not put down. I had to read the entire book in one sitting so I could see for myself how they worked it all out. The humor that Joanie MacNeil incorporates into this story offers reader a pleasing dialogue and style ensured to have readers begging for more. Readers can not go wrong with No Boundaries. It is a refreshing, funny, and rewarding romance. 5 Angels!" ~ Jessica, Fallen Angels Reviews

"This is a wonderful love story. I enjoyed the fact that, although Jack had more than one bad relationship in his past, he was still capable of falling in love with Paige and so easily acknowledging that fact to himself. What a wonderfully romantic story and definitely recommended reading." ~ 5 Hearts, The Romance Studio

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Now Available: The Rebel's Daughter by Anita Seymour
The Rebel's Daughter
The Woulfes of Loxsbeare, Book 1

Helena Woulfe, the daughter of a wealthy Exeter nobleman leads a privileged life, however, when rebellion sweeps the West Country, her family is caught in its grip. After Monmouth’s bloody defeat in battle at Sedgemoor, Helena sets off for Somerset to find the three missing members of her family.
With the Woulfe estate confiscated by the crown, Helena and her younger brother Henry hope the anonymity of the capital city will be more forgiving to the children of a convicted rebel. However, Helena finds her search for security and respectability in London are threatened by someone who wishes harm to a traitor's daughter.

Previously published as Duking Days Rebellion