Monday, July 28, 2014

Now Available: Love's Lies by Killarney Sheffield
Jasmine is a woman of gentle breeding, living on the dangerous streets of Regency London. Can her best friend, Lord Chancy, protect her from deception, lies and murder? Is her childhood love, Payne, a friend or a deadly enemy? Can their love weather the storm that is coming?

Previously published as Love's Deception

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Now Available: Reade's Magic by Pat Dale
After a tragic accident took Jenny’s husband two years ago, she is finally ready to move on with her life. She doesn’t need her bookkeeping job at Taxtiks for the pay, because she receives a modest income from her husband’s estate but Jenny really needs the human contact her job provides. Since his death, Rob Lundstrom’s family construction business has been booming under the direction of Rob’s uncle Bart. A bizarre incident with Uncle Bart has estranged Jenny from the family and the business.
Lawyer Reade Mason, walks in the door and in spite of herself, Jenny feels the sparks fly. As her will to resist slips away, the romance heats up and at the same time there is a resurgence of the connection to her husband’s family. With Reade’s help, Jenny is coming to an understanding of the unsavory nature of her husband’s family and their financial business. She would like to trust them but it becomes obvious that she shouldn’t. Jenny is having enough trouble trying to sort out her feelings about her steamy romance with Reade, as the mystery and intrigue builds around her in-laws. No one could predict the shocking twist things take as Uncle Bart’s true nature and motives are revealed. 


Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Color of Seven by Gail Roughton

A new edition combining The Color of Seven and The Color of Dusk into one book, with an enticing new cover by Michelle Lee.... Color of Seven 
by Gail Roughton

Deep in the woods that slide off into Stone Creek Swamp, teenage drug dealers retrieve their stash and receive an unexpected dividend—the unwitting resurrection of Cain, powerful Bokor of Black Magic. Atop Coleman Hill, two young attorneys renovate a decrepit relic of a house for their home and office. A house with a past it wants to share, showing Ria Knight tantalizing scenes of its original owner, Dr. Paul Devlin. Dr. Devlin’s not exactly alive and well, but he’s not dead either. With Cain’s resurrection, the battle between the two first begun in 1888 rages again. Because the past, like evil, never dies. It just—waits.

"A massively entertaining dark supernatural epic about vampires, good and evil. Gail Roughton effortlessly weaves the entire tale from the present to past and back again. No vivid character's left behind, each fully realized and fleshed out. And the villian? A classic. Scary, sad, moving, thrilling and romantic, a modern classic." ~ 5 Stars, Stuart R.West

"Chilling yet heart-warming--Amazing!" ~ 5 Stars, Rochelle Weber

"(The Color of) Seven was unlike anything I have previously read (the past and the present cleverly coming together to tell this story) & will stay with me a long time. I felt just about every emotion a person can feel and by the end I knew I had been on one amazing journey. Hats off to Gail Roughton!" ~ 5 Stars, Long Time DF Fan, Amazon Reader and Verified Purchase

Available now at Amazon and coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Now Available: Distant Mountains by Tricia McGill
Distant Mountains
Settlers, Book 2

Even in the prospering colony of New South Wales, it would be far-fetched to think a convicted man could consider marrying the daughter of a wealthy property owner.

But Remy has larger problems to contend with than Sara’s bigoted father. Forced to leave the woman he loves behind, Remy faces overwhelming odds and an ordeal that threatens to strip him of everything; his pride, his strength, his health—even his life.

Sara has many struggles of her own and when Remy finally thinks he has a future with Sara within his grasp, he is sent to a place where pain and suffering are everyday occurrences. Will the lovers ever find true happiness?

“I loved this story. It has everything. Happiness, tears, love, hate. I recommend it highly for all lovers of romantic adventure tales. Barbara M. Hodges eBook Ecstasy ezine 4 Diamonds

“The author has delivered an accurate and compelling story of a convict's life, touching on those of gold miners and the growing town of Sydney. The evocative writing and the increasingly dire straits that Remy and Sara find themselves in, make for an excellent read." Leanne Shawler for eBook Reviews Weekly

"Tricia McGill takes us to the Australian colonial period in this rather dark saga of Remy and Sara. I love books where the scenery is vivid, there are characters that "live", and the characters are truly to cheer and boo for. This book has all of that and more. It scores high on the "lost in the story" list… Thanks Tricia, now can I have another???" Rose. HeartStrings Romance at Heart

"This story had me riveted from page one. The historical facts ring true and add veracity to Remy’s tale. The characters all come alive and the descriptions of places and events and people pulled me into the story and immersed me in their world. Remy is a stunning hero- handsome, kind, intelligent, and witty. I found myself holding my breath to see if he would find his true love, Sara. Once started, I couldn’t put this book down. It’s by far one of the most enthralling romances I’ve read in years." Jennifer Macaire A Romance Review five roses

"Amidst the sweet romance and tenderness, Ms. McGill adds the excitement of spousal abuse, bushrangers, forced marriage, kidnapping, and Remy's imprisonment and torture. She shows that a talented author can take a romance and turn it into so much more. I couldn't put it down and I bet you won't be able to either. I've become an avid Tricia McGill fan!" Brett Scott The Romance Studio 4ROSES  


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First Reviews are All 5 Stars! Remember Me? by Kelly Janicello
"Absolutely loved this book...both funny and thrilling...great book, must read...the plot was well-developed..." 

Check out Remember Me? by Kelly Janicello, available now at Amazon, coming soon to a bookstore near you!
As a child, Ryli Madigan witnessed a heinous murder burying it deep in her mind. Years later as a rookie police officer she takes down an armed suspect in a convenience store and finds herself assigned to the Detective's Division. She must work with the veteran detective shot during the robbery she thwarted. Ryli clashes with Brody McKenna, who pursues her on a more personal level despite his deep-seated mistrust of women.

While tracking a serial killer Ryli is plagued by haunting nightmares. The stakes grow higher as she and Brody uncover a cold case involving her family concealed by one of their own. Brody suspects her terrifying dreams are really flashbacks. Their personal attraction raises the stakes in their pursuit of the man responsible for a murderous spree. Will Ryli remember her past before it's too late? 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Free for a Limited Time ~ We Never Said I Love You by Margaret Tanner

Wounded soldier, Adrian Bancroft, has a whirlwind romance with his nurse. A foolish misunderstanding leads to a heated argument and he and Julie part in bitterness.

With the black clouds of war hovering overhead, he returns to the hospital to sort things out with the woman he loves, but Julie has been banished because she is pregnant. Amidst the chaos of wartime London, he begins a desperate search for her.

"Love in Small Packages" Series of Shorts from Books We Love

"There is a nice feel for time and place, and for the beautiful English countryside. The author was also able to convey the desperation of a country at war. I also thought that the premise of the story was interesting." ~ Cphe, Amazon

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Books We Love ~ Coming to a Bookstore Near You!

Press Release ~ For Immediate Release:
Canadian Publisher Signs “Neglected” Great Authors of Yesteryear; Rescuing their Discriminating Fiction from Sea of Self-Published Works.

Books We Love, LTD has a simple mandate; to provide a publishing and marketing platform for masterly authors who had their careers pulled from underneath them during the big-name publisher “swallow up” of the 1980s and 1990s. Signing authors who have spent the greater part of their lives honing their skills, Books We Love LTD is once again turning the spotlight onto quality writers that readers have been trying to find for twenty years.

Calgary, Alberta – In this day and age, most self and vanity publishing services will take a cheque from anyone willing to hand one over. This leaves critics and readers with the disheartening task of having to sort the literary wheat from the chaff. However, one Canadian publisher is on a bold mission to not only re-connect readers with fiction written by master wordsmiths with decades of experience, but to re-ignite the careers of acclaimed and much-loved authors that readers thought had dropped off the radar for good.

Calgary-based and independent Books We Love LTD is highly exclusive about who they sign; opting for previously-published authors who were left stranded after their small to mid-size publishers were swallowed up by the big guys. Many of these genre authors became bestsellers and literary legends in their own rights, only to find their careers pushed under the rug and readers crying out for their return.

Authors under their wing include Joan Hall Hovey (known to many as Canada’s “Queen of Suspense”), Juliet Waldron, known for such historical favorites as Mozart’s Wife and Hand Me Down Bride, Kat Attalla who has over a dozen available romance titles and Jamie Hill, who is celebrating the print release of her new romantic suspense, ‘Pieces of the Past’, book one in her ‘Witness Security’ series. With over fifty authors to explore, the Books We Love Ltd. bibliography is a true Hall of Fame.

“We’re releasing new and re-printed books only from authors who have a solid reputation for quality and credentials to match. They have won awards, dominated the former mid-lists and are often authority figures in their own professional industry,” explains Judith Pittman, Publisher for Books We Love LTD. “However, they were literally left with nowhere to turn after their publishers were incorporated into others and their works delisted. Considering many of these authors spent decades refining their skills and had loyal fan bases – it’s a travesty.”

Continuing, “The good news is that they have now found a home at Books We Love LTD and we’re passionate about connecting them with their former readers, as well as garnering a new audience. You’ll often hear people asking what happened to that author they were once addicted to; well, he or she could very well be with us!”

Of course, any great author would be oppressed without an extensive distribution network for their work. To that end, Books We Love LTD has just signed a deal with Lightning Source to distribute their books in print in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Red Tuque will also be handling a portion of the work, with both distributors releasing a combined twenty-five titles this coming fall.

“This print distribution is a big step for our authors, returning their work to its original format. Of course, we’ve not forgotten about eBooks and currently have over four-hundred titles exclusively available through Amazon Kindle. With each book priced at $4.99 or under, getting some of literature’s forgotten heroes into your hands has never been cheaper,” Pittman adds.

In all, it’s a busy period of growth for Books We Love LTD, who have long-term plans to continue uncovering supposed ‘bygone’ authors and giving them back the careers they once thrived within.

For more information on the company and their authors, visit:

About Books We Love Ltd.
Books We Love, LTD is a publisher of discriminating fiction in eBook and print formats. The publisher gives away fabulous prizes, Kindles spa baskets, books, books and more books in their monthly contests.