Friday, December 14, 2012

Comment and Win romantic suspense with Erin Quinn

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This Erin Quinn Special Edition published by Books We Love contains three complete novels.


If you listen hard enough....

Diablo Springs—Once a boomtown of gamblers, outlaws and miners. Now a place where shifting sands whisper only of torment and loss. A place where shadows lure the unsuspecting into its abyss.

It's where Gracie Beck was raised, but she never called it home. When she left that place, she never looked back...

you will hear their whispered warnings....

Now Gracie finds she's inherited the Diablo Hotel from her grandmother and, with it, a curse that has haunted her family for over a hundred years. As she begins to unearth long-buried secrets, she unleashes a force that threatens everyone she cares about. And when the one man she has tried to forget unexpectedly returns to Diablo Springs to find inspiration for his next novel, Gracie knows that a dark and desperate chapter in the story of her family must be written.


One day Tess Carson gets the call she's always feared. Her sister has vanished.

And so Tess rushes to a small town in California to look for answers. While the police follow evidence that connects her sister to a brutal murder, Tess is drawn into a danger that seems to reach back to the town's tortured past. Two enigmatic brothers offer Tess their help but the more she learns, the more they draw her in, the more she realizes that one of them is responsible for her sister’s disappearance. But which one? As Tess searches for clues about her sister, she begins to experience strange and terrifying visions. Not simply hallucinations,they are flashbacks to a past life where Tess relives the heartbreak of another woman—one who is also torn by violence and love. Tess can’t deny the connection she feels to this woman, nor can she deny the sense that history is bent on repeating. Two men. Two brothers. One woman. A deadly combination.

As the echoes of a long forgotten tragedy reverberate through her life, Tess realizes she must face her deepest fears before she can escape the terrifying cycle of vengeance and at last find the love denied her in a time gone by.

Web of Smoke

A stranger in the house.

He came for her in the night--to that place where she felt most secure. For a brief instant, she was his, but somehow she escaped. Next time, she might not be so lucky.

Everything changed for Christie McCoy when a madman brutally invaded and shattered her world. Now she will never feel safe until she knows who he is and why he wanted to hurt her. . .why he wanted her dead.

Christie must venture into the shadows of her own life--terrified, vulnerable and alone--to unmask the dark assailant who destroyed her dreams and threatens her future....before he comes for her again... 

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  1. I love the stories that I have read of Erin Quinn. These three stories sound very interesting, I will gave to get these three stories.

  2. Erin writes great stories. Thanks for the chance
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  3. I'd love to read this. Thanks!

  4. Congratulations Sweeter the berry, you are today's winner! Check your email, the book is on it's way. Happy Holidays from Books We Love.