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Comment and Win with Lee Killough

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Now Available, The Complete Garreth Mikaelian Detective Series by Lee Killough in one Special Edition: Blood Hunt, Bloodlinks, and Blood Games.
Blood Hunt
Book 1
When San Francisco Homicide Inspector Garreth Mikaelian begins hunting a mysterious red-haired woman who appears involved in the murders of two out-of-town businessmen, he faces a killer unlike any he has investigated before. For unknown to him, Lane Barber is a vampire. When Garreth comes too close, she attacks him and turns him into a vampire, too. Now, even as he struggles to cope with this devastating change in his life without betraying to others what he has become, he is back on Lane’s trail...this time with a vengeance. But can he find her, and find a way to bring her to justice, before she decides to attack again, and this time finish him off?
Book 2

Can a vampire ever be truly destroyed? The question is of vital concern to former San Francisco Homicide Inspector Garreth Mikaelian. A year and a half ago an attack by vampire Lane Barber turned him into a vampire, too. When she attempted to kill him, in self-defense he killed her. At least he thought so...her neck broken, her body burned and buried under rose bushes. But to his dismay, word comes from his former partner of a recent murder with all the evidence pointing to Lane. Has she survived after all? He joins the hunt for her wondering...if she did indeed survive, what will it take to destroy her? Or will she destroy him? 

"A fine blend of mystery and the supernatural. Who says you can't do anything original with the vampire story?" -- S.F. Chronicle 

"This is a damn good vampire novel, but it's also a damn good police procedural." (Customer review on Amazon) 

"I found myself reading the final chapters slowly, only because I wasn't ready to say good-bye to Garreth Mikaelian just yet, who by the end of the book became someone I wanted to give a nice warm bowl of blood to." (OTcyborg on Amazon)

Blood Games
Book 3

Vampire Garreth Mikaelian thought he had his existence all arranged. He is comfortably settled in a town where, his nature unknown to those around him, he works the night shift as a police officer. His blood comes in bottles. He has a routine and friends. But that peace is shattered when his fellow officer and sometime lover Maggie Lebekov is killed by a lethal trio playing escalating blood games. He must locate and capture the suspects before other law enforcement officers do, to be sure they are captured alive...if not yet vampires, they have drunk his blood, and if killed will rise again even more deadly.
"This was my first Lee Killough book but not my last. I have always enjoyed a good vampire story and this one features a vampire that still has human feelings and characteristics. I need to go back and find how Garreth became a vampire and how he dealt with it." ~Sue Johnson for

"Lee Killough has her feet firmly planted in the mystery and horror genres. If you like Laurel Hamilton and Anne Rice, then Garreth is right up your alley." ~ Sandy Tooley


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  1. Lee is a new author to me. I find these stories interesting and have added these stories to my list to get.

  2. Progression. I have read Lee's books but not this one.
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  3. Congratulations Becky, you are today's winner. Happy Holidays from Books We Love!